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Enhanced Geospatial Intelligence for UK Armed Forces
New-generation system will consolidate image collection and analysis capability for UK.

LONDON, September 1 2015 – The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) has selected Lockheed Martin UK to deliver a new-generation intelligence capability. This will provide improved situational awareness and analysis and enhanced intelligence gathering capabilities across the nation’s armed forces wherever they are.

Through the Imagery Exploitation Programme (IEP), the technology-focused security and aerospace company will work in partnership with the MOD to introduce a superior integrated system which consolidates the collection, sharing and discovery of data traditionally gathered through multiple locations, systems and databases. The contract is the first step towards delivering the initial UK capability and provides scope for future agreements that may increase the UK’s capability and enhance interoperability with NATO and coalition partners.

Justin Walker, vice president UK and Europe for Lockheed Martin’s Farnborough-based Information Systems business added “This new capability will allow the Ministry of Defence to transform raw imagery and sensor data into layered, detailed maps which support troops on the ground.The information can be shared across multiple locations, analysts and missions thus providing a step-change in intelligence sharing resulting in efficiency for the MOD.”

In the fields of imagery, geospatial information and remote sensing, Lockheed Martin has helped chart the course of vital national intelligence systems, used around the world, for more than 30 years. Its systems support troops on the battlefield, intelligence agents worldwide, and emergency responders.

The company’s operations in Farnborough, Hampshire, where an international Security Intelligence Centre operates seamlessly with two similar Lockheed Martin facilities in the United States, are responsible for developing geo-spatial and intelligence products and services to counter cyber-security threats in both the defence and commercial sectors as well as the provision of technical consultancy services.


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Lockheed Martin UK, headquartered in London, is the UK-based arm of Lockheed Martin Corporation, a global security and aerospace company. Lockheed Martin UK specialises in the development, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services. The company employs more than 3,000 people in the UK across 21 sites, working on a wide range of major programmes spanning the aerospace, defence and civil sectors.

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