` Lockheed Martin UK supports successful manned fire of AJAX turret

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Lockheed Martin UK supports successful manned fire of AJAX turret

AMPTHILL, BEDFORDSHIRE, 6 NOVEMBER 2017 – The Lockheed Martin UK turret, developed with General Dynamics Land Systems–UK for the British Army’s AJAX vehicle, has successfully completed initial manned live fire.

The milestone event took place last month at a trial in west Wales. The formal qualification trials are testing the vehicle’s CTAI 40mm (CT40) cannon and the 7.62mm chain gun.

The initial phase has tested firing from a static vehicle on a static target. The trials will continue over the coming months, progressing to fire on the move, and at a moving target.

The manned firing will generate data to support the process of manned crew clearance – assessing the safety and suitability of the platform for use by military personnel.

Lee Fellows, programme director for AJAX at Lockheed Martin UK, said: “This is a huge milestone for us and for the AJAX programme.

Leading up to this event we’ve worked closely with our prime contractor General Dynamics Land Systems–UK to complete unmanned firings and provide the assurance and confidence that we are ready to move onto the next phase.

The AJAX firings have been successful and we’re confident they will continue to be so as we progress through the trial. It’s another step towards getting this world-class capability to the British Army.

The AJAX turret has been developed and produced at Lockheed Martin UK’s state-of-the-art facility in Ampthill, Bedfordshire.

The AJAX turret shares commonality with the upgraded turret developed by Lockheed Martin UK for the Ministry of Defence’s Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP). Lockheed Martin UK is the prime contractor for the WCSP programme, which is currently in its development phase.